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What Customers Say – Alive World

What Customers Say

“James came into the RSPB and with great professionalism and speed, reviewed our approach to community fundraising. He met and built good relationships with all the key stakeholders and pulled together a compelling recommendation within a week. He is clearly very knowledgeable but is also highly committed to doing an excellent job. I would hire him again without question.”

>> Beth Thoren, Director of Fundraising & Communications at RSPB

“James has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the problem and peel back the layers of complexity and confusion. He is incisive, clear thinking and strategic and brings with him a wealth of experience across the fundraising disciplines and indeed human nature! He is also honest, hardworking and great fun to work with – I have no hesitation in recommending James to anyone looking for a Consultant who delivers above and beyond the brief.”

>> Ikram Dahman, Fundrasing Consultant

“James is a highly effective client-focused sales professional. He demonstrates great flexibility in meeting commercial objectives, and balances the needs of the company against the needs of the client to deliver the best results for each. He’s a highly responsive team manager, and a terrific guy to work with!”

>> Nick Fawbert Group Head of Knowledge, BNM Global & Founder, The Creator Collective

“James brings clarity, insight and a broad range of experience to the workplace. He has many strengths but above all I have appreciate his ability to see through the most complex issues and get right to the heart of the matter. He is a welcome addition to any team.”

>> Jeremy Lune CEO, Cards for Good Causes

“A consumate professional who shows a good understanding of our business needs and solutions his company may have to offer.”

>> Ashley Wirasinha Chief Marketing Officer, DAZN

“James is committed and energetic with a strong belief in young people and what they can achieve. I worked with him on a particularly challenging partnership. I found him to be honest, pragmatic and solution focused. James is eager to learn, is a good listener and has excellent communication skills.”

>> Jane Slowey Chief Executive, Foyer Federation

“In my line of work, it makes a huge difference when dealing with bright, intelligent and most of all personable people. James has all three attributes in abundance, and in my opinion is one of the best in the business.”

>> Jonathan Durling Consultant at SweetSpot Group Ltd

“James has been working with us as a fundraising consultant for six months now, and has been a highly valued member of our team. He brings with him a deep understanding of the fundraising process, combined with huge commercial knowledge and experience, which has really helped to focus our work, particularly with corporates. It has also enabled us to drive up our return on investment and net income, which is very helpful in these tough times. He has really helped to stabilise and support a team that was lacking in confidence, and I know that the people he worked closely with are really sorry to see him go. If you are thinking about hiring James I would highly recommend him and would be delighted to give him a reference.”

>> Matthew Lagden, Director of Development at St Paul’s Cathedral

“James joined my team in mid 2011 to work on various projects that straddled many different teams at CLIC Sargent, across Fundraising, Finance, Services and Communications. He quickly built strong working relationships with colleagues and delivered some high quality pieces of work. Along the 8 months he’s been working with my team, he kept me updated with progress and was also flexible enough to take on work that was outside his original brief from time to time”

>> Lucy Caldicott, Director of Fundraising at CLIC Sargent

“James is a great manager to work with, he leads from the front, manages a team well and has the ability to cut through issues to get to the heart of projects and then make a real difference by making things happen while bringing people with him. He has insight, clarity and the creativity to shape and move departments or organisations forward to achive their goals.”

>> Clare Gallie, Head of UK Fundraising at CLIC Sargent

“James was an excellent manager of people, building a successful team of fundraisers. James is results and solutions orientated, always delivering to deadlines. James leads by example, he is fantastic with supporters and clients alike. I would have no hesistation in employing James again”

>> Andy Gould, Assistant Director Fundraising at Action for Children

“James is an exemplary senior fundraising manager. His ability to spot opportunities, and work with partners and funders, delivers real value to all parties. He was a pleasure to have in the team, and led his team with integity and drive.”

>> Liz Monks, Executive Director of Fundraising at Action for Children